Yashavanth Anantharaj, Founder Chairman & Managing Director

"When we work with integrity, the whole universe conspires to back us up"

“Whatever it takes”

Today is no different from yesterday or tomorrow in terms of the challenges that are thrown at us. The difference comes only in the form of our reaction to those challenges. Issues of missing skill sets, inconsistent delivery times, volatile market sentiments will always be around. How we deal with it is what will determine our success. This is not special to the construction industry but true for any enterprise, business or otherwise. There are no legitimate excuses for failure under any circumstance.

Vision backed by sound knowledge and driven by integrity will never fail. Commitment to excellence requires the highest degree of ownership to the cause of the project and the enterprise. Doing our best has always been considered good but it has never ensured results. Unless we go beyond our best, no development happens and nothing of significance gets delivered. Mediocrity in individuals and enterprises is a cancer to be treated as such and removed with the roots.

The business world transcends national and cultural boundaries. Today, more than anytime before in history, we cannot afford to work in compartments and hope to deliver excellence. It is not just about using the opportunity but a compulsion to collaborate in oder to deliver excellence. We have no choice but to demand better than the best from each other. From doing whatever we can as individuals we have to move into doing Whatever It Takes as a strategically integrated enterprise and a seamlessly collaborative Industry.