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Two decades of core strength, experience and knowledge in the individual fields of Design and Construction has helped us consolidate and integrate the two into a single service for the benefit of the Client. The overlapping of these two phases minimizes risk whilst ensuring certainty of cost and delivery schedule.

SYConE’s extensive team of architects, engineers, designers, contractors and project managers provide the leadership and impetus needed for providing turnkey solutions. Irrespective of the scope of the project we promise professionalism, integrity and commitment.


SYConE offers custom engineering services to the manufacturing industry on a Design-Build project delivery basis. Every manufacturing facility is associated with certain parameters unique to it. We study these parameters in conjunction with the desired output to design implementable solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, performance oriented and increases productivity. SYConE employs modeling techniques to visualize, innovate, design and optimize the plant layout to cut on risks and errors. In addition, our multi-disciplinary experience, technical strength and industry knowledge makes our Projects resilient to the challenges faced by it.

Corporate/ IT Offices

SYConE believes in investing time to comprehend the nature of business of our Corporate Clients. As the corporate culture varies from Client to Client, it is important for us to intimately study and understand individual cultures as well as the way the business is run.
Care is taken to incorporate the Client’s corporate culture into the designs and create a unique identity that reflects the Client’s business. Prominence is given to designing sustainable and efficient systems that increase business productivity and supports future growth and expansion. Our designs bear witness to the changing trends and advancements in technology.


Irrespective of the categories Institutional projects fall under be it private or public, profit or non-profit, SYConE provides Design-Build services of uncompromised quality. All our designs are context specific and dictated by the need to innovate to render each project unique and special. SYConE’s inherent sensitivity to environmental concerns is evident in our design philosophy. Our Institutional projects like R&D Centres, Educational Institutions, Places of Worship, Libraries, Sports Centres, etc exude positive energy and harmony.

Data/ Switching/ Network Centres

In today’s highly networked environment, companies rely heavily on IT for smooth conduction of their business operations.
Realizing the need for speed, security and integrity SYConE provides reliable IT infrastructure that assures continuity of operations ably supported by redundant power and system backup facilities. SYConE undertakes Design, Build and Commissioning of Data Centres that is customised to meet Client’s needs. While our designs are sustainable, our modular approach supports scalability and promotes growth. Our IT system engineers always work towards modernizing facilities to derive the maximum mileage offered by the evolving developments in IT.

Plant Migration

Plant Migration is always initiated to replicate productivity and profitability in the new location.
It is imperative to Design and Construct the Plant and Utilities to realise this objective. SYConE has mastered the nuances required to migrate the Plant after detoxifying the equipments, piping and instruments and derive the optimal Material Balance, Energy Balance and Waste management without unduly affecting the Quality attributes of the Product in the New Location.
Our uniquely evolved codified Tagging and Mark Up program and Transportation schedule facilitates Overhauling of prime movers and gadgets on the move. The Design Build schedule is so programmed that we ensure the erection of units directly onto Pads and Pedestals, Racks and Trays. The services team will there upon take over for speedy commissioning of the plant.

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