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The residential sector has seen a sea of change in its outlook over the past decade and a half with an ever-growing number of middle class that are a discernible lot and know exactly what they are looking for.

Housing, more so in India, is not just a place to reside but has a far larger role in the family’s life. A house, no matter that it is a type design apartment, needs to be unique and flexible enough to grow with the family. A house cannot bring life style to a family but the house should give the family the freedom to create their own unique life style.

Builders compete to provide the best amenities at the most affordable cost. SYConE understands the need to maintain this cost threshold, while creating world-class living spaces for a high number of users with varied expectations. We understand the variations in requirements that change depending on the geographical and sociological conditions. SYConE is one of the few PMCs, which provides an Owner’s Manual to the end user.

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